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Software Packages in "aramo-security", Subsection sound

flac (1.3.3-2ubuntu0.2 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 1.3.3-2ubuntu0.1 [i386])
Free Lossless Audio Codec - command line tools
gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio (1.20.3-0ubuntu1.1)
GStreamer plugin for PulseAudio (transitional package)
libsox-fmt-all (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
All SoX format libraries
libsox-fmt-alsa (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX alsa format I/O library
libsox-fmt-ao (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX Libao format I/O library
libsox-fmt-base (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
Minimal set of SoX format libraries
libsox-fmt-mp3 (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX MP2 and MP3 format library
libsox-fmt-oss (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX OSS format I/O library
libsox-fmt-pulse (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX PulseAudio format I/O library
sox (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
Swiss army knife of sound processing