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Software Packages in "aramo-updates", Subsection sound

asunder (2.9.7-1build1+11.0trisquel3)
graphical audio CD ripper and encoder
darkice (1.3-0.3+11.0trisquel1)
Live audio streamer
discodos (1.0~rc2-2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
remember and analyze your DJ sets based on Discogs and AcousticBrainz data
espeak-ng (1.50+dfsg-10ubuntu0.1)
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer
espeak-ng-data (1.50+dfsg-10ubuntu0.1)
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer: speech data files
espeak-ng-espeak (1.50+dfsg-10ubuntu0.1)
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer
exfalso (4.4.0-2ubuntu0.1)
audio tag editor for GTK+
flac (1.3.3-2ubuntu0.2 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 1.3.3-2ubuntu0.1 [i386])
Free Lossless Audio Codec - command line tools
gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio (1.20.3-0ubuntu1.1 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 1.20.3-0ubuntu1 [i386])
GStreamer plugin for PulseAudio (transitional package)
icedax (9:1.1.11-3.2ubuntu1+11.0trisquel1)
Creates WAV files from audio CDs
libpulse-mainloop-glib0 (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
PulseAudio client libraries (glib support)
libpulsedsp (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
PulseAudio OSS pre-load library
libsox-fmt-all (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
All SoX format libraries
libsox-fmt-alsa (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX alsa format I/O library
libsox-fmt-ao (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX Libao format I/O library
libsox-fmt-base (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
Minimal set of SoX format libraries
libsox-fmt-mp3 (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX MP2 and MP3 format library
libsox-fmt-oss (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX OSS format I/O library
libsox-fmt-pulse (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
SoX PulseAudio format I/O library
linux-show-player (0.5.2-1ubuntu0.1)
Free cue player designed for sound-playback in stage productions
oss4-base (4.2-build2010-5ubuntu9.1)
Open Sound System - base package
oss4-gtk (4.2-build2010-5ubuntu9.1)
Open Sound System - simple GTK2-based mixer control
oss4-source (4.2-build2010-5ubuntu9.1)
Open Sound System - drivers sources
pulseaudio (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-equalizer (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
Equalizer sink module for PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-module-bluetooth (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
Bluetooth module for PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-module-gsettings (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
GSettings module for PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-module-jack (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
jackd modules for PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-module-lirc (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
lirc module for PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-module-raop (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
RAOP module for PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-module-zeroconf (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
Zeroconf module for PulseAudio sound server
pulseaudio-utils (1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel1)
Command line tools for the PulseAudio sound server
quodlibet (4.4.0-2ubuntu0.1)
audio library manager and player for GTK3
sox (14.4.2+git20190427-2+deb11u2ubuntu0.22.04.1)
Swiss army knife of sound processing
speech-dispatcher (0.11.1-1ubuntu3 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 0.11.1-1ubuntu2 [i386])
Common interface to speech synthesizers
speech-dispatcher-audio-plugins (0.11.1-1ubuntu3 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 0.11.1-1ubuntu2 [i386])
Speech Dispatcher: Audio output plugins
speech-dispatcher-cicero (0.11.1-1ubuntu3 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 0.11.1-1ubuntu2 [i386])
Speech Dispatcher: Cicero output module
speech-dispatcher-espeak (0.11.1-1ubuntu3 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 0.11.1-1ubuntu2 [i386])
Speech Dispatcher: Espeak output module
speech-dispatcher-espeak-ng (0.11.1-1ubuntu3 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 0.11.1-1ubuntu2 [i386])
Speech Dispatcher: Espeak-ng output module
speech-dispatcher-festival (0.11.1-1ubuntu3)
Festival support for Speech Dispatcher
speech-dispatcher-flite (0.11.1-1ubuntu3 [amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el], 0.11.1-1ubuntu2 [i386])
Speech Dispatcher: Flite output module
timidity (2.14.0-8ubuntu1.22.04.1)
Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player)
timidity-daemon (2.14.0-8ubuntu1.22.04.1)
runs TiMidity++ as a system-wide MIDI sequencer
timidity-el (2.14.0-8ubuntu1.22.04.1)
Emacs front end to Timidity++
timidity-interfaces-extra (2.14.0-8ubuntu1.22.04.1)
TiMidity++ extra user interfaces
xmms2 (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
Client/server based media player system
xmms2-client-avahi (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - avahi client
xmms2-client-cli (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - cli client
xmms2-client-medialib-updater (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - medialib-updater client
xmms2-client-nycli (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - new cli client
xmms2-core (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - core package
xmms2-icon (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - icon package
xmms2-plugin-airplay (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - airplay output plug-in
xmms2-plugin-all (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - all plug-ins
xmms2-plugin-alsa (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - ALSA output
xmms2-plugin-ao (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - libao output plug-in
xmms2-plugin-apefile (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - Monkey's Audio decoder plug-in
xmms2-plugin-asf (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - ASF plug-in
xmms2-plugin-asx (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - ASX playlist plug-in
xmms2-plugin-avcodec (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - avcodec decoder
xmms2-plugin-cdda (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - CDDA plug-in
xmms2-plugin-cue (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - CUE playlist plug-in
xmms2-plugin-curl (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - curl transport for HTTP
xmms2-plugin-daap (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - daap plug-in
xmms2-plugin-faad (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - faad decoder
xmms2-plugin-flac (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - FLAC decoder
xmms2-plugin-flv (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - Flash Video plug-in
xmms2-plugin-gme (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - gme plug-in
xmms2-plugin-gvfs (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - gvfs plug-in
xmms2-plugin-html (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - HTML playlist plug-in
xmms2-plugin-ices (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - Ogg streaming output
xmms2-plugin-icymetaint (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - shoutcast metadata plug-in
xmms2-plugin-id3v2 (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - ID3v2 plug-in
xmms2-plugin-jack (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - JACK output
xmms2-plugin-karaoke (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - karaoke plug-in
xmms2-plugin-m3u (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - M3U playlist plug-in
xmms2-plugin-mad (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - libmad based mp3 decoder
xmms2-plugin-mms (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - MMS transport
xmms2-plugin-modplug (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - modplug decoder
xmms2-plugin-mp4 (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - MPEG-4 plug-in
xmms2-plugin-mpg123 (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - libmpg123 based mp3 decoder
xmms2-plugin-musepack (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - mpc decoder
xmms2-plugin-normalize (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - Normalize plug-in
xmms2-plugin-ofa (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - Open Fingerprint Architecture plug-in
xmms2-plugin-oss (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - OSS output
xmms2-plugin-pls (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - PLS playlist plug-in
xmms2-plugin-pulse (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - PulseAudio output plug-in
xmms2-plugin-rss (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - RSS podcast plug-in
xmms2-plugin-sid (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - libsidplay2 based decoder
xmms2-plugin-smb (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - Server Message Block (SMB) transport
xmms2-plugin-sndfile (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - sndfile decoder
xmms2-plugin-speex (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - Speex decoder
xmms2-plugin-tta (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - TTA decoder plug-in
xmms2-plugin-vocoder (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - vocoder plug-in
xmms2-plugin-vorbis (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - vorbis decoder
xmms2-plugin-wavpack (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - WavPack decoder plug-in
xmms2-plugin-xml (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - XML plug-in
xmms2-plugin-xspf (0.8+dfsg-22ubuntu0.1)
XMMS2 - XSPF playlist plug-in