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Software Packages in "etiona-updates", Alaosasto text

abcm2ps (7.8.9-1+deb9u1build0.18.04.1)
Translates ABC music description files to PostScript
aspell (0.60.7~20110707-4ubuntu0.2)
GNU Aspell spell-checker
expat (2.2.5-3ubuntu0.9)
XML parsing C library - example application
flightcrew (0.7.2+dfsg-10ubuntu0.1)
C++ epub validator
foomatic-filters (4.0.17-10+9.0trisquel1)
OpenPrinting printer support - filters
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cups-filters
foomatic-filters-beh (4.0.17-10+9.0trisquel1)
Openprinting Backend error handler
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa cups-filters
ghostscript (9.26~dfsg+0-0ubuntu0.18.04.18)
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF
ghostscript-doc (9.26~dfsg+0-0ubuntu0.18.04.18)
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - Documentation
ghostscript-x (9.26~dfsg+0-0ubuntu0.18.04.18)
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - X11 support
libflightcrew0v5 (0.7.2+dfsg-10ubuntu0.1)
C++ library for epub validation
libgs-dev (9.26~dfsg+0-0ubuntu0.18.04.18)
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - Development Files
liblouis-bin (3.5.0-1ubuntu0.5)
Braille translation library - utilities
liblouis-data (3.5.0-1ubuntu0.5)
Braille translation library - data
libreoffice-writer2latex (1.4-8~18.04)
Writer/Calc to LaTeX converter extension for LibreOffice
libreoffice-writer2xhtml (1.4-8~18.04)
Writer/Calc to XHTML converter extension for LibreOffice
libwriter2latex-java (1.4-8~18.04) Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter -- library
libxml2-utils (2.9.4+dfsg1-6.1ubuntu1.9)
XML utilities
pdfsam (4.0.1-1~18.04)
PDF Split and Merge
pdftk-java (3.0.9-1+9.0trisquel1)
pdftk port to java - a tool for manipulating PDF documents
printer-driver-foo2zjs (20170320dfsg0-4ubuntu0.1)
printer driver for ZjStream-based printers
printer-driver-foo2zjs-common (20170320dfsg0-4ubuntu0.1)
printer driver for ZjStream-based printers - common files
printer-driver-hpijs (3.21.2+dfsg1-2+9.0trisquel1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - printer driver (hpijs)
printer-driver-splix (2.0.0+svn315-6fakesync1ubuntu0.1)
Driver for Samsung and Xerox SPL2 and SPLc laser printers
qpdf (8.0.2-3ubuntu0.1)
tools for transforming and inspecting PDF files
raptor2-utils (2.0.14-1ubuntu0.18.04.1)
Raptor 2 RDF parser and serializer utilities
sqlformat (0.2.4-0.1ubuntu0.1)
SQL formatting utility
w3m (0.5.3-36ubuntu0.1)
WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support
w3m-img (0.5.3-36ubuntu0.1)
inline image extension support utilities for w3m
writer2latex (1.4-8~18.04) Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter
xmltooling-schemas (1.6.4-1ubuntu2.1)
XML schemas for XMLTooling
xsltproc (1.1.29-5ubuntu0.3)
XSLT 1.0 command line processor