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Paketti: libexo-2-0 (0.12.0-1)

Library with extensions for Xfce (GTK-3 version)

libexo is a library for Xfce that contains a bunch of additional widgets and a framework for editable toolbars (an improved version of the framework present in GNOME), light-weight session management support, functions to automatically synchronize object properties (based on GObject Binding Properties) and several miscellaneous utility and helper functions for application developers.

While Xfce ships with quite a few libraries that are primarily targeted at desktop development, libexo is targeted at application development, with a focus on applications for Xfce.

This package provides GTK-3 version.

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Arkkitehtuuri Paketin koko Koko asennettuna Tiedostot
amd64 90.0 kt270 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
i386 97.2 kt286 kt [tiedostoluettelo]