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Paquets logiciels dans « nabia-updates », Sous-section utils

apport (2.20.11-0ubuntu27.24)
automatically generate crash reports for debugging
apport-noui (2.20.11-0ubuntu27.24)
tools for automatically reporting Apport crash reports
archdetect-deb (1.117ubuntu7+10.0trisquel1)
Hardware architecture detector
ark (4:19.12.3-0ubuntu1.2)
archive utility
autofs (5.1.6-2ubuntu0.1)
kernel-based automounter for Linux
autofs-hesiod (5.1.6-2ubuntu0.1)
Hesiod map support for autofs
autofs-ldap (5.1.6-2ubuntu0.1)
LDAP map support for autofs
bash-builtins (5.0-6ubuntu1.2+10.0trisquel1)
Bash loadable builtins - headers & examples
bcache-tools (1.0.8-3ubuntu0.1)
bcache userspace tools
bdf2psf (1.205ubuntu1-10.0trisquel0)
font converter to generate console fonts from BDF source fonts
bsdutils (1:2.34-0.1ubuntu9.3)
basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
busybox (1:1.30.1-4ubuntu6.4)
Tiny utilities for small and embedded systems
paquet virtuel fourni par busybox-static
busybox-syslogd (1:1.30.1-4ubuntu6.4)
Provides syslogd and klogd using busybox
caca-utils (0.99.beta19-2.1ubuntu1.20.04.2)
text mode graphics utilities
cdebconf (0.251ubuntu1+10.0trisquel1)
Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
clamav (0.103.6+dfsg-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface
clamav-base (0.103.6+dfsg-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - base package
clamav-daemon (0.103.6+dfsg-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - scanner daemon
clamav-freshclam (0.103.6+dfsg-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - virus database update utility
clamav-milter (0.103.6+dfsg-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - sendmail integration
clamav-testfiles (0.103.6+dfsg-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - test files
clamdscan (0.103.6+dfsg-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - scanner client
conky-all (1.10.8-1build3+10.0trisquel1)
highly configurable system monitor (all features enabled)
conky-cli (1.10.8-1build3+10.0trisquel1)
highly configurable system monitor (basic version)
conky-std (1.10.8-1build3+10.0trisquel1)
highly configurable system monitor (default version)
console-setup (1.205ubuntu1-10.0trisquel0)
console font and keymap setup program
console-setup-linux (1.205ubuntu1-10.0trisquel0)
Linux specific part of console-setup
console-setup-mini (1.205ubuntu1-10.0trisquel0)
console font and keymap setup program - reduced version for Linux
cpio (2.13+dfsg-2ubuntu0.3)
GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files
cpio-win32 (2.13+dfsg-2ubuntu0.3)
GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files (win32 build)
crash (7.2.8-1ubuntu1.20.04.1)
kernel debugging utility, allowing gdb like syntax
davfs2 (1.5.5-1ubuntu0.1)
mount a WebDAV resource as a regular file system
dconf-editor (3.36.7-0ubuntu1)
simple configuration storage system - graphical editor
deja-dup (40.7-0ubuntu1+10.0trisquel1)
Backup utility
dirmngr (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - network certificate management service
dpkg-dev (1.19.7ubuntu3.2+10.0trisquel1)
Debian package development tools
dwarves (1.21-0ubuntu1~20.04)
set of advanced DWARF utilities
ec2-hibinit-agent (1.0.0-0ubuntu9.2)
Amazon EC2 hibernation agent
electrum (4.0.9-1+10.0trisquel1)
Easy to use Bitcoin client
fancontrol (1:3.6.0-2ubuntu1.1)
utility to control the fan speed
fdisk (2.34-0.1ubuntu9.3)
collection of partitioning utilities
finalrd (6~ubuntu20.04.1)
final runtime directory for shutdown
firejail (0.9.62-3ubuntu0.1)
sandbox to restrict the application environment
firejail-profiles (0.9.62-3ubuntu0.1)
profiles for the firejail application sandbox
flash-kernel (3.103ubuntu1~20.04.4)
utility to make certain embedded devices bootable
freetype2-demos (2.10.1-2ubuntu0.1)
FreeType 2 demonstration programs
fwupd-signed (1.27.1ubuntu7+1.2-2~20.04.1)
Linux Firmware Updater EFI signed binary
gfxboot-theme-trisquel (0.23.3+10.0trisquel2)
Trisquel theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders
gnupg (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
gnupg-agent (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - cryptographic agent (dummy transitional package)
paquet virtuel fourni par gpg-agent
gnupg-l10n (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - localization files
gnupg-utils (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - utility programs
gnupg2 (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement (dummy transitional package)
gpg (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU Privacy Guard -- minimalist public key operations
gpg-agent (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - cryptographic agent
gpg-wks-client (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - Web Key Service client
gpg-wks-server (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - Web Key Service server
gpgconf (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - core configuration utilities
gpgsm (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - S/MIME version
gpgv (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool
gpgv-static (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
minimal signature verification tool (static build)
gpgv-win32 (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool (win32 build)
gpgv2 (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool (dummy transitional package)
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-apps (1.16.2-4ubuntu0.1)
GStreamer helper programs from the "base" set
gzip (1.10-0ubuntu4.1)
GNU compression utilities
gzip-win32 (1.10-0ubuntu4.1)
GNU compression utility (win32 build)
hpijs-ppds (3.21.2+dfsg1-2+10.0trisquel1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - HPIJS PPD files
hplip (3.21.2+dfsg1-2+10.0trisquel1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP)
hplip-data (3.21.2+dfsg1-2+10.0trisquel1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - data files
hplip-gui (3.21.2+dfsg1-2+10.0trisquel1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - GUI utilities (Qt-based)
ibus (1.5.22-2ubuntu2.1)
Intelligent Input Bus - core
ibus-data (1.5.22-2ubuntu2.1)
Intelligent Input Bus - data files
ibus-gtk (1.5.22-2ubuntu2.1)
Intelligent Input Bus - GTK2 support
ibus-gtk3 (1.5.22-2ubuntu2.1)
Intelligent Input Bus - GTK3 support
ibus-tests (1.5.22-2ubuntu2.1)
Intelligent Input Bus - installed tests
ibus-wayland (1.5.22-2ubuntu2.1)
Intelligent Input Bus - Wayland support
iio-sensor-proxy (2.8-1ubuntu2)
IIO sensors to D-Bus proxy
initramfs-tools (0.136ubuntu6.7)
generic modular initramfs generator (automation)
initramfs-tools-bin (0.136ubuntu6.7)
binaries used by initramfs-tools
initramfs-tools-core (0.136ubuntu6.7)
generic modular initramfs generator (core tools)
irqtop (2.4-2ubuntu0.5)
Observe IRQ and SoftIRQ in a top-like fashion
jq (1.6-1ubuntu0.20.04.1)
lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor
keyboard-configuration (1.205ubuntu1-10.0trisquel0)
system-wide keyboard preferences
kinfocenter (4:5.18.5-0ubuntu0.1)
system information viewer
kwin (4:5.18.7-0ubuntu0.1)
Transitional dummy for kwin-x11
paquet virtuel fourni par kwin-wayland, kwin-x11
ldb-tools (2:2.2.3-0ubuntu0.20.04.2)
LDAP-like embedded database - tools
libarchive-tools (3.4.0-2ubuntu1.2)
FreeBSD implementations of 'tar' and 'cpio' and other archive tools
libevdev-tools (1.9.0+dfsg-1ubuntu0.2)
wrapper library for evdev devices - tools
libfribidi-bin (1.0.8-2ubuntu0.1)
Free Implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm (utility)
libjq1 (1.6-1ubuntu0.20.04.1)
lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor - shared library
liblz4-tool (1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1)
Fast LZ compression algorithm library - transitional package
paquet virtuel fourni par lz4
libnss-sss (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
Nss library for the System Security Services Daemon
libopenvdb-tools (6.2.1-8ubuntu1.1)
Sparse Volume Processing toolkit - runtime
libpam-sss (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
Pam module for the System Security Services Daemon
libsensors-config (1:3.6.0-2ubuntu1.1)
lm-sensors configuration files
lirc (0.10.1-6.1ubuntu1.1)
Infra-red remote control support - daemons and utils
lirc-x (0.10.1-6.1ubuntu1.1)
infra-red remote control support - X utilities
lm-sensors (1:3.6.0-2ubuntu1.1)
utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors
lshw (02.18.85-0.3ubuntu2.20.04.1)
information about hardware configuration
lshw-gtk (02.18.85-0.3ubuntu2.20.04.1)
graphical information about hardware configuration
lsof (4.93.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.20.04.1)
utility to list open files
lz4 (1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1)
Fast LZ compression algorithm library - tool
microcode-initrd (2~20.04.0)
early microcode-only initrd suitable for grub
mozo (1.24.0-1+10.0trisquel0)
easy MATE menu editing tool
neofetch (7.0.0-1+10.0trisquel1)
Shows Linux System Information with Distribution Logo
networkd-dispatcher (2.1-2~ubuntu20.04.3)
Dispatcher service for systemd-networkd connection status changes
opencryptoki (3.13.0+dfsg-0ubuntu5.1)
PKCS#11 implementation (daemon)
openssl (1.1.1f-1ubuntu2.15)
Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility
p7zip (16.02+dfsg-7build1+10.0trisquel1)
7zr file archiver with high compression ratio
p7zip-full (16.02+dfsg-7build1+10.0trisquel1)
7z and 7za file archivers with high compression ratio
pcmanfm (1.3.1-1+10.0trisquel1)
extremely fast and lightweight file manager
pcregrep (2:8.39-12ubuntu0.1)
grep utility that uses perl 5 compatible regexes.
ppa-purge (0.2.8+bzr63+10.0trisquel1)
disables a PPA and reverts to official packages
printer-driver-postscript-hp (3.21.2+dfsg1-2+10.0trisquel1)
HP Printers PostScript Descriptions
psensor (1.1.5-1.1ubuntu1+10.0trisquel1)
display graphs for monitoring hardware temperature
psensor-common (1.1.5-1.1ubuntu1+10.0trisquel1)
common files for Psensor and Psensor server
psensor-server (1.1.5-1.1ubuntu1+10.0trisquel1)
Psensor server for monitoring hardware sensors remotely
puredata-utils (0.50.2-3ubuntu0.1)
realtime computer music and graphics system - utility programs
reprepro (5.3.0-1.3~ubuntu20.04+10.0trisquel1)
Debian package repository producer
rfkill (2.34-0.1ubuntu9.3)
tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices
sasl2-bin (2.1.27+dfsg-2ubuntu0.1)
Cyrus SASL - administration programs for SASL users database
sbsigntool (0.9.2-2ubuntu1.1)
Tools to manipulate signatures on UEFI binaries and drivers
scdaemon (2.2.19-3ubuntu2.1)
GNU privacy guard - smart card support
seccomp (2.5.1-1ubuntu1~20.04.2)
helper tools for high level interface to Linux seccomp filter
smart-notifier (0.28-6~ubuntu20.04.1)
graphical hard disk health status notifier
snapcraft (3.0ubuntu1.1)
Transitional package - snapcraft -> snap (snapcraft)
snapcraft-examples (3.0ubuntu1.1)
Transitional package - snapcraft-examples -> snap (snapcraft)
snapcraft-parser (3.0ubuntu1.1)
Transitional package - snapcraft-parser -> snap (snapcraft)
sndfile-programs (1.0.28-7ubuntu0.1)
Sample programs that use libsndfile
speedtest-cli (2.1.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1)
Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using
sssd (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- metapackage
sssd-ad (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- Active Directory back end
sssd-ad-common (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- PAC responder
sssd-common (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- common files
sssd-dbus (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- D-Bus responder
sssd-ipa (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- IPA back end
sssd-kcm (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- Kerberos KCM server implementation
sssd-krb5 (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- Kerberos back end
sssd-krb5-common (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- Kerberos helpers
sssd-ldap (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- LDAP back end
sssd-proxy (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- proxy back end
sssd-tools (2.2.3-3ubuntu0.8)
System Security Services Daemon -- tools
storebackup (3.2.1-1+deb8u1build0.20.04.1)
fancy compressing managing checksumming deduplicating hard-linking cp -ua
strace (5.5-3ubuntu1)
System call tracer
tar (1.30+dfsg-7ubuntu0.20.04.2)
GNU version of the tar archiving utility
tar-scripts (1.30+dfsg-7ubuntu0.20.04.2)
optional scripts for GNU version of the tar archiving utility
tdb-tools (1.4.3-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)
Trivial Database - bundled binaries
tpm2-tools (4.1.1-1ubuntu0.20.04.1)
TPM 2.0 utilities
tracker (2.3.6-0ubuntu1)
metadata database, indexer and search tool
ubuntu-image (1.11+20.04ubuntu1)
toolkit for building Ubuntu images.
unp (2.0~pre7+nmu1+10.0trisquel1)
unpack (almost) everything with one command
unzip (6.0-25ubuntu1+10.0trisquel1)
De-archiver for .zip files
util-linux (2.34-0.1ubuntu9.3)
miscellaneous system utilities
util-linux-locales (2.34-0.1ubuntu9.3)
locales files for util-linux
whiptail (0.52.21-4ubuntu2+10.0trisquel2)
Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
whoopsie (0.2.69ubuntu0.3)
Ubuntu error tracker submission
winpr-utils (2.2.0+dfsg1-0ubuntu0.20.04.3)
Windows Portable Runtime library command line utilities
xdg-utils (1.1.3-2ubuntu1.20.04.2)
desktop integration utilities from
xz-utils (5.2.4-1ubuntu1.1)
XZ-format compression utilities
xzdec (5.2.4-1ubuntu1.1)
XZ-format compression utilities - tiny decompressors
zip (3.0-11build1+10.0trisquel1)
Archiver for .zip files
zstd (1.4.4+dfsg-3ubuntu0.1)
fast lossless compression algorithm -- CLI tool