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Software Packages in "nabia-backports", Subsection graphics

dvdstyler (3.2.1-0build1~ubuntu20.04+10.0trisquel1)
Crossplatform DVD Authoring System
dvdstyler-data (3.2.1-0build1~ubuntu20.04+10.0trisquel1)
Crossplatform DVD Authoring System (data files)
handbrake-cli (1:
versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder - command line
handbrake-gtk (1:
versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder - GTK GUI
inkscape (1:1.3.2+202311252150+091e20ef0f~ubuntu20.04.1+10.0trisquel2)
vector-based drawing program
libreoffice-ogltrans (1:7.4.7-0ubuntu0.22.10.1~bpo20.04.1)
transitional package for libreoffice-ogltrans
virtual package provided by libreoffice-impress
opencollada-tools (1:1.6.68-focal2+10.0trisquel1)
Command line tool for validating COLLADA files
openjpeg-tools (1:1.5.2-3.1-0thomas~focal5+10.0trisquel1)
command-line tools using the JPEG 2000 library