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Пакет: volti (0.2.3-7)

control audio volume from system tray/notification area

Volti is a lightweight GTK+ application for controlling audio volume from system tray/notification area.


 * no PulseAudio, GStreamer, Phonon etc. only ALSA is needed
 * internal mixer application, either choosing any mixer app
   is possible
 * left click opens volume scale (slider)
 * scroll wheel on tray icon changes volume, increment in
   percents is configurable
 * configurable middle click to toggle 'mute' or 'show mixer'
 * nice tooltip with card and volume info
 * support for multimedia keys
 * support desktop notifications on keys events

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  • dep: python
    interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version)
  • dep: python-alsaaudio
    Alsa bindings for Python
  • dep: python-dbus
    simple interprocess messaging system (Python interface)
  • dep: python-gobject
    Python 2.x bindings for GObject - transitional package
  • dep: python-gtk2
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  • dep: python-xlib
    interface for Python to the X11 protocol

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