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Balík: rust-all (1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)

Rust systems programming language - all developer tools

Rust is a curly-brace, block-structured expression language. It visually resembles the C language family, but differs significantly in syntactic and semantic details. Its design is oriented toward concerns of "programming in the large", that is, of creating and maintaining boundaries - both abstract and operational - that preserve large-system integrity, availability and concurrency.

It supports a mixture of imperative procedural, concurrent actor, object-oriented and pure functional styles. Rust also supports generic programming and meta-programming, in both static and dynamic styles.

This package is an empty metapackage that depends on all developer tools in the standard rustc distribution that have been packaged for Debian.

Ostatné balíky súvisiace s balíkom rust-all

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  • dep: cargo
    Rust package manager
  • dep: rust-clippy (>= 1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)
    Rust linter
  • dep: rust-gdb (>= 1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)
    Rust debugger (gdb)
    alebo rust-lldb (>= 1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)
    Rust debugger (lldb)
  • dep: rustc (>= 1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)
    Rust systems programming language
  • dep: rustfmt (>= 1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)
    Rust formatting helper
  • rec: cargo (<< 0.66.0~~)
    Rust package manager
    rec: cargo (>= 0.65.0~~)
  • sug: rust-doc (>= 1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)
    Rust systems programming language - Documentation
  • sug: rust-src (>= 1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.18.04)
    Rust systems programming language - source code

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