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Balík: libevent-rpc-perl (1.08-2ubuntu0.1)

Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework

Event::RPC supports you in developing Event based networking client/server applications with transparent object/method access from the client to the server. Network communication is optionally encrypted using IO::Socket::SSL. Several event loop managers are supported due to an extensible API. Currently Event, Glib and AnyEvent are implemented.

Event::RPC consists of a server and a client library. The server exports a list of classes and methods, which are allowed to be called over the network. More specific it acts as a proxy for objects created on the server side (on demand of the connected clients) which handles client side methods calls with transport of method arguments and return values.

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  • dep: libevent-perl
    generic Perl event loop module
  • dep: libglib-perl
    interface to the GLib and GObject libraries
  • dep: libio-socket-ssl-perl
    Perl module implementing object oriented interface to SSL sockets
  • dep: perl
    Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
  • rec: libanyevent-perl
    event loop framework with multiple implementations
  • rec: libjson-xs-perl
    module for manipulating JSON-formatted data (C/XS-accelerated)
  • rec: libsereal-perl
    fast, compact, powerful binary (de-)serialization module wrapper

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