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100% pure-Java implementation of Ruby

JRuby is an implementation of the ruby language using the JVM.

It aims to be a complete, correct and fast implementation of Ruby, at the same time as providing powerful new features such as concurrency without a global interpreter lock, true parallelism and tight integration to the Java language to allow one to use Java classes in Ruby programs and to allow JRuby to be embedded into a Java application.

JRuby can be used as a faster version of Ruby, it can be used to run Ruby on the JVM and access powerful JVM libraries such as highly tuned concurrency primitives, it can also be used to embed Ruby as a scripting language in your Java program, or many other possibilities.

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  • rec: jruby-openssl (>= 0.9.17~)
    Ruby library that emulates the OpenSSL native library for JRuby
  • rec: ri
    Ruby Interactive reference
  • rec: ruby-json
    JSON library for Ruby
  • rec: ruby-rspec
    Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby - metapackage
  • rec: ruby-test-unit
    unit testing framework for Ruby

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