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Paket: python3-wcmatch (8.3-2)

Wildcard File Name matching library (Python 3)

Wildcard Match provides an enhanced fnmatch, glob, and pathlib library in order to provide file matching and globbing that more closely follows the features found in Bash. In some ways these libraries are similar to Python's builtin libraries as they provide a similar interface to match, filter, and glob the file system. But they also include a number of features found in Bash's globbing such as backslash escaping, brace expansion, extended glob pattern groups, etc. They also add a number of new useful functions as well, such as globmatch which functions like fnmatch, but for paths.

Wildcard Match also adds a file search utility called wcmatch that is built on top of fnmatch and globmatch. It was originally written for Rummage, but split out into this project to be used by other projects that may find its approach useful.

Bash is used as a guide when making decisions on behavior for fnmatch and glob. Behavior may differ from Bash version to Bash version, but an attempt is made to keep Wildcard Match up with the latest relevant changes.

This package installs the library for Python 3.

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