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[ Källkod: ruby-sanitize  ]

Paket: ruby-sanitize (4.6.6-2.1~

whitelist-based HTML sanitizer

Sanitize is a whitelist-based HTML sanitizer. Given a list of acceptable elements and attributes, Sanitize will remove all unacceptable HTML from a string.

Using a simple configuration syntax, you can tell Sanitize to allow certain elements, certain attributes within those elements, and even certain URL protocols within attributes that contain URLs. Any HTML elements or attributes that you don't explicitly allow will be removed.

Because it's based on Nokogiri, a full-fledged HTML parser, rather than a bunch of fragile regular expressions, Sanitize has no trouble dealing with malformed or maliciously-formed HTML and returning safe output.

Andra paket besläktade med ruby-sanitize

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  • dep: ruby
    Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version)
    eller ruby-interpreter
    Paketet inte tillgängligt
  • dep: ruby-crass (>= 1.0.2)
    CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 draft
  • dep: ruby-nokogiri (>= 1.4.4)
    HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser for Ruby
  • dep: ruby-nokogumbo (>= 1.4)
    Nokogiri interface to the Gumbo HTML5 parser

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