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软件包: brz-debian (2.8.10ubuntu1)

breezy plugin for Debian package management

brz-debian is a plugin for the breezy version control system that helps to automate the task of maintaining Debian packages using breezy. It is similar in intent to cvs-buildpackage, svn-buildpackage and the similar scripts.

It builds a Debian package from a branch, optionally using a separate upstream tarball.

其他与 brz-debian 有关的软件包

  • 依赖
  • 推荐
  • 建议
  • dep: brz (>= 3.0.0~bzr6819)
    easy to use distributed version control system
  • dep: devscripts (>= 2.10.59)
    scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier
  • dep: dpkg-dev
    Debian package development tools
  • dep: fakeroot
    tool for simulating superuser privileges
    同时作为一个虚包由这些包填实: pseudo
  • dep: patchutils
    Utilities to work with patches
  • dep: pristine-tar
    regenerate pristine tarballs
  • dep: python
    interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version)
    dep: python (<< 2.8)
    dep: python (>= 2.7)
  • dep: python-apt
    Python interface to libapt-pkg
  • dep: python-breezy (>= 3.0.0~bzr6819)
    distributed version control system - python library
  • dep: python-debian (>= 0.1.11)
    Python modules to work with Debian-related data formats
  • dep: quilt
    Tool to work with series of patches

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