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套件: parallel (20210822+ds-2)

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Original Maintainers:

  • Debian Med Packaging Team (郵件存檔)
  • Andreas Tille
  • Ondřej Surý



build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel

GNU Parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one or more machines. A job is typically a single command or a small script that has to be run for each of the lines in the input. The typical input is a list of files, a list of hosts, a list of users, or a list of tables.

If you use xargs today you will find GNU Parallel very easy to use. If you write loops in shell, you will find GNU Parallel may be able to replace most of the loops and make them run faster by running jobs in parallel. If you use ppss or pexec you will find GNU Parallel will often make the command easier to read.

GNU Parallel also makes sure output from the commands is the same output as you would get had you run the commands sequentially. This makes it possible to use output from GNU Parallel as input for other programs.

其他與 parallel 有關的套件

  • 依賴
  • 推薦
  • 建議
  • dep: perl
    Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
  • dep: procps
    /proc file system utilities
  • dep: sysstat
    system performance tools for Linux
  • sug: ash
    compatibility package for dash
  • sug: csh
    Shell with C-like syntax
  • sug: fish
    friendly interactive shell
  • sug: ksh
    transitional package
    同時作為一個虛擬套件由這些套件提供: ksh93u+m
  • sug: tcsh
    TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh
  • sug: zsh
    shell with lots of features

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