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原始碼套件: flatpak (1.12.7-1)

flatpak 的相關超連結

Trisquel 的資源:


Original Maintainers:

  • Utopia Maintenance Team (郵件存檔)
  • Matthias Klumpp
  • Simon McVittie


Application deployment framework for desktop apps
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (tests)
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (introspection)
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (development)
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (documentation)
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (library)

其他與 flatpak 有關的套件

  • 完整構建時刻依賴
  • 單獨構建時刻依賴
  • adep: attr
    utilities for manipulating filesystem extended attributes
  • adep: automake (>= 1.14.1)
    Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
  • adep: bison
    YACC-compatible parser generator
  • adep: bubblewrap (>= 0.4.0)
    utility for unprivileged chroot and namespace manipulation
  • adep: ca-certificates
    Common CA certificates
  • adep: dbus-daemon
  • adep: debhelper-compat (= 13)
  • adep: desktop-file-utils
    Utilities for .desktop files
  • adep: dh-exec (>= 0.23~)
    Scripts to help with executable debhelper files
  • adep: docbook-xml
    standard XML documentation system for software and systems
  • adep: docbook-xsl
    stylesheets for processing DocBook XML to various output formats
  • adep: fuse
    Filesystem in Userspace
  • adep: gnupg
    GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
  • adep: gobject-introspection (>= 1.54.1-2~)
    Generate interface introspection data for GObject libraries
  • adep: gtk-doc-tools
    GTK+ documentation tools
  • adep: gtk-update-icon-cache
    icon theme caching utility
  • adep: hicolor-icon-theme
    default fallback theme for icon themes
  • adep: libappstream-glib-dev (>= 0.5.10)
    GNOME library to access AppStream services (development files)
  • adep: libarchive-dev (>= 2.8.0)
    Multi-format archive and compression library (development files)
  • adep: libattr1-dev
    extended attributes handling - static libraries and headers
  • adep: libcap-dev
    POSIX 1003.1e capabilities (development)
  • adep: libdconf-dev
    simple configuration storage system - development files
  • adep: libdw-dev
    libdw1 development libraries and header files
  • adep: libelf-dev
    libelf1 development libraries and header files
  • adep: libfuse-dev (>= 2.9.2)
    Filesystem in Userspace (development)
  • adep: libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-dev
    GDK Pixbuf library (development files)
    或者 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev
    GDK Pixbuf library (transitional development files)
  • adep: libgirepository1.0-dev
    Library for handling GObject introspection data (development files)
  • adep: libglib2.0-dev (>= 2.44)
    Development files for the GLib library
  • adep: libgpgme-dev (>= 1.1.8)
    GPGME - GnuPG Made Easy (development files)
  • adep: libjson-glib-dev
    GLib JSON manipulation library (development files)
  • adep: libmalcontent-0-dev (>= 0.4.0)
    development files for libmalcontent
  • adep: libostree-dev (>= 2020.8)
    Development files for the libostree library
  • adep: libpolkit-agent-1-dev
    PolicyKit Authentication Agent API - development files
  • adep: libpolkit-gobject-1-dev
    PolicyKit Authorization API - development files
  • adep: libseccomp-dev (>= 2.5.2)
    high level interface to Linux seccomp filter (development files)
  • adep: libsoup2.4-dev
    HTTP library implementation in C -- Development files
  • adep: libsystemd-dev
    systemd utility library - development files
  • adep: libxau-dev
    X11 authorisation library (development headers)
  • adep: libxml2-dev (>= 2.4)
    GNOME XML library - development files
  • adep: libxml2-utils
    GNOME XML library - utilities
  • adep: libzstd-dev
    fast lossless compression algorithm -- development files
  • adep: ostree (>= 2020.8)
    content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries
  • adep: policykit-1
    transitional package for polkitd and pkexec
  • adep: procps
    /proc file system utilities
  • adep: python3
    interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version)
  • adep: python3-pyparsing
    alternative to creating and executing simple grammars - Python 3.x
  • adep: shared-mime-info shared MIME database and spec
  • adep: socat
    multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer
  • adep: xdg-dbus-proxy (>= 0.1.0)
    filtering D-Bus proxy
  • adep: xmlto
    XML-to-any converter
  • adep: xsltproc
    XSLT 1.0 command line processor
  • idep: libglib2.0-doc
    Documentation files for the GLib library
  • idep: libostree-doc
    Development documentation for the libostree library

Download flatpak

文件大小(單位: kB)MD5 檢查碼
flatpak_1.12.7-1.dsc 3.5 kB 3feae43756d4e842e1ad8e0baead9aef
flatpak_1.12.7.orig.tar.xz 1,526.3 kB 07d32580019572d5952cb0cadb073493
flatpak_1.12.7-1.debian.tar.xz 32.7 kB 08a4567960d80dc468b438faaa408d47
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