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You have searched for packages that names contain postgresql-12 in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 63 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package postgresql-12

  • nabia (database): object-relational SQL database, version 12 server
    12.2-4: amd64 armhf
  • nabia-updates (database): object-relational SQL database, version 12 server
    12.12-0ubuntu0.20.04.1: amd64 armhf
  • nabia-security (database): object-relational SQL database, version 12 server
    12.12-0ubuntu0.20.04.1: amd64 armhf

Other hits

Package postgresql-12-asn1oid

  • nabia (database): ASN.1 OID data type for PostgreSQL
    1.2-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-bgw-replstatus

  • nabia (database): report whether PostgreSQL node is master or standby
    1.0.4: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-cron

  • nabia (database): Run periodic jobs in PostgreSQL
    1.2.0-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-cstore-fdw

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper for columnar storage
    1.7.0-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-debversion

  • nabia (database): Debian version number type for PostgreSQL
    1.1.1-3build1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-dirtyread

  • nabia (database): Read dead but unvacuumed tuples from a PostgreSQL relation
    2.2-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-first-last-agg

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL extension providing first and last aggregate functions
    0.1.4-4-gd63ea3b-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-hll

  • nabia (database): HyperLogLog extension for PostgreSQL
    2.14-1: amd64

Package postgresql-12-hypopg

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL extension adding support for hypothetical indexes.
    1.1.3-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-icu-ext

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL extension exposing functionality from the ICU library
    1.5.1-2build2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-ip4r

  • nabia (misc): IPv4 and IPv6 types for PostgreSQL 12
    2.4.1-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-jsquery

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL JSON query language with GIN indexing support
    1.1.1-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-mimeo

  • nabia (database): specialized, per-table replication between PostgreSQL instances
    1.5.1-7: all

Package postgresql-12-mysql-fdw

  • nabia (database): Postgres 12 Foreign Data Wrapper for MySQL
    2.5.3-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-numeral

  • nabia (database): numeral datatypes for PostgreSQL
    1.0-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-ogr-fdw

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper for OGR
    1.0.9-1build2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-omnidb

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL debugger extension for OmniDB
    2.17.0+ds-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-orafce

  • nabia (database): Oracle support functions for PostgreSQL 12
    3.9.0-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-partman

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL Partition Manager
    4.3.0-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-periods

  • nabia (database): PERIODs and SYSTEM VERSIONING for PostgreSQL
    1.1-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pg-checksums

  • nabia (database): Activate/deactivate/verify PostgreSQL data checksums
    1.0-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pg-fact-loader

  • nabia (database): Build fact tables asynchronously with Postgres
    1.5.2-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pg-qualstats

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL extension to gather statistics about predicates.
    1.0.9-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pg-stat-kcache

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL extension to gather per-query kernel statistics.
    2.1.1-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgaudit

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL Audit Extension
    1.4.0-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgextwlist

  • nabia (libs): PostgreSQL Extension Whitelisting
    1.10-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgfincore

  • nabia (database): set of PostgreSQL functions to manage blocks in memory
    1.2.2-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgl-ddl-deploy

  • nabia (database): Transparent DDL replication for PostgreSQL
    1.7.0-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pglogical

  • nabia (database): Logical Replication Extension for PostgreSQL
    2.3.0-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pglogical-ticker

  • nabia (database): Have time-based replication delay for pglogical
    1.4.0-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgmemcache

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL interface to memcached
    2.3.0-7: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgmp

  • nabia (database): arbitrary precision integers and rationals for PostgreSQL 12
    1.0.4-1ubuntu1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgpool2

  • nabia (database): connection pool server and replication proxy for PostgreSQL - modules
    4.1.1-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgq-node

  • nabia (database): Cascaded queueing on top of PgQ
    3.2.5-7: all
  • nabia-updates (database): Cascaded queueing on top of PgQ
    3.2.5-7ubuntu0.1: all
  • nabia-security (database): Cascaded queueing on top of PgQ
    3.2.5-7ubuntu0.1: all

Package postgresql-12-pgq3

  • nabia (database): Generic queue for PostgreSQL
    3.2.6-34-g50068b2-2: amd64 armhf
  • nabia-updates (database): Generic queue for PostgreSQL
    3.2.6-34-g50068b2-2ubuntu0.1: amd64 armhf
  • nabia-security (database): Generic queue for PostgreSQL
    3.2.6-34-g50068b2-2ubuntu0.1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgrouting

  • nabia (misc): Routing functionality support for PostgreSQL/PostGIS
    3.0.0~rc1-1build1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pgrouting-doc

  • nabia (doc): Routing functionality support for PostgreSQL/PostGIS (Documentation)
    3.0.0~rc1-1build1: all

Package postgresql-12-pgrouting-scripts

  • nabia (misc): Routing functionality support for PostgreSQL/PostGIS - SQL scripts
    3.0.0~rc1-1build1: all

Package postgresql-12-pgtap

  • nabia (database): Unit testing framework extension for PostgreSQL 12
    1.1.0-2: all

Package postgresql-12-pldebugger

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL pl/pgsql Debugger API
    1:1.0-10-g2a298eb-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-pllua

  • nabia (database): Lua procedural language for PostgreSQL 12
    1:2.0.4-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-plproxy

  • nabia (database): database partitioning system for PostgreSQL 12
    2.9-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-plr

  • nabia (database): Procedural language interface between PostgreSQL and R
    1:8.4-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-plsh

  • nabia (database): PL/sh procedural language for PostgreSQL 12
    1.20171014-4: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-postgis-3

  • nabia (misc): Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL 12
    3.0.0+dfsg-6ubuntu4: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-postgis-3-scripts

  • nabia (misc): Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL 12 -- SQL scripts
    3.0.0+dfsg-6ubuntu4: all

Package postgresql-12-powa

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer -- PostgreSQL 12 extension
    3.2.0-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-prefix

  • nabia (database): Prefix Range module for PostgreSQL
    1.2.9-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-preprepare

  • nabia (database): pre prepare your PostgreSQL statements server side
    0.9-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-prioritize

  • nabia (database): Get and set the nice priorities of PostgreSQL backends
    1.0.4-6: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-python3-multicorn

  • nabia (database): multicorn extension for Postgres 12 to write FDWs with python3
    1.3.4-31-g9ff7875-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-rational

  • nabia (database): Precise fractional arithmetic for PostgreSQL
    0.0.2-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-rdkit

  • nabia (database): Cheminformatics and machine-learning software (PostgreSQL Cartridge)
    201909.1-2ubuntu5: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-repack

  • nabia (database): reorganize tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks
    1.4.5-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-repmgr

  • nabia (database): replication manager for PostgreSQL 12
    5.0.0-4: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-rum

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL RUM access method
    1.3.6-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-similarity

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL similarity functions extension
    1.0-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-slony1-2

  • nabia (database): replication system for PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 12 server plug-in
    2.2.8-3: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-snakeoil

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL anti-virus scanner based on ClamAV
    1.3-1: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-toastinfo

  • nabia (database): Show storage structure of varlena datatypes in PostgreSQL
    1.1-4: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-unit

  • nabia (database): SI Units for PostgreSQL
    7.2-2: amd64 armhf

Package postgresql-12-wal2json

  • nabia (database): PostgreSQL logical decoding JSON output plugin
    2.2-1: amd64 armhf